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Be Safe, Be Kind

Be Safe, Be Kind, Stigma

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Read on to hear voices against stigma from around the globe.

Stigma is Dangerous

"Stigmatization in a context like this is not dangerous just because it triggers racism and xenophobia, but most of all because it puts everyone at risk. Many people could fake to not have the virus just because of being scared of being labelled as "the one with the Coronavirus"."

We Have a Responsibility

" We all have a responsibility to help correct misconceptions. Furthermore, continuous public health education should be mandatory and accessible to everyone."

It's About Humanity and Kindness

"It's really childish of people to put labels on everything and put location even on a virus. I think that we all are talking about humanity and love and kindness. True, there are people out there really righting with this problem but still we see it happening all around the world."

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Voices of Youth

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Sbahleyy 17 February 2021

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