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Menstruation 102


Will anyone know I am on my period? No. Unless you decide to tell, no one will know that you are on your period as there are no signs of menstruation visible to anyone else. However, It is a good idea to tell family or a friend if it is your first period and you need help.

Can I go to school and play sports? Yes! There is no reason why you should stay away from school or stop playing sports as usual. Just make sure you carry sanitary products with you in case you need to change them during the school day.

I haven't started my period yet! What should I do? We are all different and our bodies develop at different rates. This is nothing to be alarmed about and speaking to a female teacher may help you to understand what is happening. Only consider seeing a doctor if you are over 16 years old and your period still hasn't started; if your period routine lasts for seven days or more; or if your period begins and then stops suddenly.

What is the difference between disposable pads and cloth pads? Disposable pads are used once and then thrown away, while cloth pads can be used, washed and reused once they are dry.

Do I need to see a doctor when I start menstruating? No. Menstruation is normal and natural.

My periods don't come once a month like the other girls. What should I do? Don't panic. For the first or two year after your first period, your period might be a bit irregular. This is because your body takes some time to adjust. Also, be aware that some girls get their periods every 21 days, while others get theirs every 35 days. The average is about 28 days.

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