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Join UNICEF's Tippy Tap Challenge

Join the UNICEF #TippyTapChallenge

Be hand washing hero – build a Tippy Tap for a home or public place which doesn’t have a handwashing facility


Earn rewards when you complete the challenge:

Challenge your friends to build their own Tippy Tap and share your pics and videos on social media tagging #UNICEFSouthAfrica and #TippyTapChallenge

What you will need

What you will need 1 What you will need 2

9 easy steps

Action 1 Action 2 Action 3 Action 4 Action 5 Action 6 Action 7 Action 8 Action 9

Remember to claim your rewards when you complete the challenge:

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Unyazi 7 March 2021

This is wonderful way to keep ourselves safe and clean....💖👌🙌


Anonymous 4 March 2021

Im guud and urself Shift_L


Mdeebesh 1 March 2021

Everyone has to watch their hands for more than 20 second using soap and water because it prevents you from getting germs or diseases


Mbali 💖Entlhe 😍😍 28 February 2021

Huw ur you

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