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9-12 Months: Growth



Play hide and seek with your infant and see if she/he can find the objects you hide. You can hide it under a cloth, and say: “where does it go”? “Is it still there”? “Can you find it”?

You should see an increase in your child’s curiosity and willingness to find out what happened to the object.

Tell your infant the names of things and people you are referring to.

She/he should show interest and soon will try to make relationships between words and objects or people.

Show your child how to say things with hands, like “bye bye”.

Soon, your child should try to imitate you and wave “bye-bye” on her/his own, making a relationship between a movement and a vocal expression.

Point to the eyes, nose and mouth on a doll. After showing one part on the doll, touch the same part on yourself and on the baby. Take the baby’s hand and have her/him touch the eyes, nose and mouth of the doll you, and her/himself. See the nose on the baby doll? Here is my nose and here is your nose.

You should see the baby’s curiosity increase. Slowly, the baby will be able to memorize and identify these different words and relate them to her/his body parts.

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Thulie 17 December 2020

Everything is true loool mine is good on memorising things and he is also trying to talk but he is 12 mnths


President 12 August 2020

I like it

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