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Fun time with 1-6 month old babies

Smile and laugh with your baby

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Your baby will show calmness and comfort, and will slowly establish trust with you.

A simple, homemade toy, like a shaker rattle, can attract your baby’s interest by the sounds it makes.

You should soon see your baby smile in return.

You should see her/him slowly focus on your face and try to imitate you in return.

You should see the child trying to follow the object with her/his eyes.

You should see her/him trying to grab or touch it.

You should observe that your baby is listening to what you tell her/him and willing to participate in her/his own way. Her/his facial expressions change as you take her/him through a storybook. You can also invent simple stories out of pictures or photos from magazines.

You should see the baby show delight by laughing or squealing.

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Anonymous 14 October 2016

My baby just turned 4mounths had an operation at 2 mounths old befr the opp she use to smile at me nd made baby sounds after the opp she dont make anny bby sounds nd dont smile annymore is this normal

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