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Play and communication with 9-12 month old infants

Interaction and toys


Infants love to interact with parents and other caregivers. They may become afraid of losing sight of a familiar caregiver.

You can help your infant feel safe by responding when she/he cries or is hungry, and calming her/him with your presence and the sound of your voice.

Play continues to be a time for infants to explore and learn about themselves, the people around them, and the world.

As infants discover their toes, they may find them as interesting to touch as a toy.

Infants enjoy playing peek-a-boo. After the father disappears behind a tree, they laugh when he reappears. They enjoy hiding under a cloth and giggle when the father “finds” them.

Even though children cannot yet speak, they show that they understand what the family members say.

Infants hear the names of things, and delight in knowing what they are. They begin to connect the objects with their names, such as the word ‘bird’ to an animal in a book or a bird in a tree, and the word ‘nose’ to their nose.

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