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Gen2030 - Act for Climate aims to provide children with the information they need to fight and prepare for climate change, and to improve the environment they are living in. Young people can refer to this practical source of information for explanations and answers to their questions related to the environment and climate change. They will also find ideas and guidelines for practical actions they can take now. The challenge is to ensure that everyone knows and understands what is at stake and is motivated to start taking action.

The messages contained in Gen2030 - Act for Climate are based on the latest scientific findings and are presented in simple language so they can be understood and acted upon easily by people without a scientific background.

If you want to read more about climate change and children, go to the following resources:

Environment (data charges may apply) Take action now (data charges may apply) Impact of climate change (data charges may apply) Gen2030 (data charges may apply) How to setup a school garden (data charges may apply)

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