My period has started! What should I do?

Tips for managing your period

Your period doesn’t have to get in the way of your life. It is normal and natural, and nothing to be embarrassed or worried about.

As a starting point, tell a parent, older sibling, friend or a female teacher. They may be able to help get you the right information and products that you need.

Products? What products!?

When you bleed, you will need to use a sanitary product to absorb the blood and prevent it from staining your clothes. There are a range of choices, the most popular of which is the sanitary pad. There are two different kinds - disposable and reusable cloth pads.

Other options include tampons and sanitary cups. What you decide to use will depend on what is easily available in your location.

Things to remember: Always wash your hands before and after changing a sanitary product. Do not try to flush sanitary products down the toilet is it will cause a blockage. Instead, wrap it in plastic or newspaper and dispose of it in a bin. You can buy disposable pads and tampons from chemists and supermarkets. Stay prepared by tracking your cycle [link] and carrying sanitary products in your bag. Got more questions about menstruation? We've got you covered.

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