TIps for managing period pain

Busting menstruation myths

Menstruation used to be a mystery. For this reason, there were many inaccurate myths dreamed up before biological explanations were available.

Let’s discuss some of them:

MYTH 1: Girls who are on their periods are impure, dirty or even cursed.

There is nothing impure or dirty about menstruation or menstrual fluid and bleeding is not a sign that you’re cursed either. It’s an essential bodily process and the fluid that comes out of you is a harmless mixture of blood and tissue.

MYTH 2: Girls should not take a shower or bath during their period.

False. Taking a shower or bathing, changing your sanitary product (e.g., pad or tampon), and using clean underwear are essential parts of good menstrual hygiene.

MYTH 3: Girls will get ill due to the 'heavy' blood loss during their period.

You should not be losing so much blood as to cause an iron deficiency. Take care of yourself and speak to a doctor if you’re worried.

MYTH 4: Girls cannot get pregnant during their period.

Not true. It is possible for a girl to get pregnant if she has sexual intercourse, even during her period.

MYTH 5: Girls should not go to school, worship or hangout with boys when on their periods

Not the case. You should continue your life as normal, as long as you’re feeling well. Just carry sanitary products and change them regularly.

MYTH 6: Sanitary products cause infertility

False. Sanitary products are safe and often necessary to stay dry and clean.

MYTH 7: When girls get their period early (around 10 years old), it means they have been having sex

Not true. All bodies are different and there’s an age spectrum for getting your first period. You may get your period anytime after age 10 until the end of puberty at age 15 or so.